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12 May

Somehow in my insomnia video watching… I stumbled across this song. OMG.

While I do like country music, this song, I found to be campy but interesting as one who’s been betrayed.  Country singers Reba McEntire and Linda Davis sing opposite sides of the fucked up infidelity love triangle… wife vs. mistress. Who does he love? Does he love you? One has his days but the other his nights.  So the subject? Compelling.. yes, but the VIDEO?! OMG please please please watch it.  (Reba McEntire’s hats are reason enough…seriously…)


Honestly, I could not stop laughing. Seriously, I think I may be on the brink of a nervous breakdown because it’s 2 am and I can’t sleep. So I am trolling YouTube to avoid sleeping next to my husband!   Now after watching this video I had to share this with you. I am not ashamed to admit that this was a fantasy I harbored for the longest time!

I could not stop laughing for 5 minutes!  5 minutes of uncontrolled cackling!!! Tears rolling down my face laughing.  I think I am cracking up. I guess between the stress of the baby, finding/working my way back to loving Green, and the high stress job I have to return to in 4 weeks??? I don’t know. Who cares… this video gave me the laugh I needed.

So please…for the love of Sweet Baby Jesus… watch the video… watch it until the VERY END.

And now dear friends… with that laugh, I’m off to sleep.

In the News

13 Apr

Scene- DIY project Sunday. This weekend its replacing ugly mirrored closet doors in our bedrooms. Pushing them out of the house – it takes us both to move them. They are massively tall and weigh about 200 lbs each.  Kiddos- Ditto and Dot are playing ‘house’ in sunroom.  Huey Lewis & the News’ ‘If this is it’ is on the radio.

Flaca-  Sometimes I think we should give in and get divorced and end it all like Huey Lewis says. Are we happy or just avoiding fights?

Green-  No. Come on.. What does he say?

Flaca- singing, badly, ” If this is it, I want to know…. If this ain’t love, baby, Just say so… You’ve been thinking,  And I’ve been drinking, We both know that it’s, Just not right….”

Green, interrupts, –  Oh hell no, come on. No. No one listens to Huey. What does he know? Everyone knows that you listen to the News. You never listen to Huey.

And so we exist.  Moving on or moving past? Or just moving so we don’t have to stop and suffer the silence?

2 years & Smartmouth survives

25 Oct

Today’s G-chat between Green and me.

Green – “I fucking hate Dave. He is so annoying!”

(Dave is Green’s new co-worker. A colleague not an assistant but someone who offices with as he did with Maria-the-Whore.)

Flaca – “I kind of like him. Dave sounds annoyingly fun.”

Green – “Why???? He’s an idiot savant, I think. He doesn’t edit himself, he’s aggressive and he eats like a pig. ”

Flaca – “Why don’t you tell him that? I bet he doesn’t care,”

I paused because I knew my next comment was going to be rude but oh so funny to me…So I let it go, I say,

“I think karma put Dave in your life as revenge for fucking your coworker! Try fucking Dave!”

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