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Bad Father of the Bride

19 Nov

fatherofthebrideThis weekend Green and I attended a wedding for his cousin, Tamara.  She is a  bit older than us but she never married.  She always complained that she would never have the wedding she dreamed of and once teased me for having been married twice… “Just what IS your secret???!”   She considered me lucky.  Hah!

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Gone Till November

19 Oct

Pin-Up-Vote1Not that’ll you miss me… but I wanted to be mindful of you, my readers and friends, and let you know that I will be offline for the next few  weeks.  For me the campaign geek it’s election season and I am managing several campaigns.  That means 20 hour days, dining on coffee and pizza, and generally freaking out.

Green and I are actually ok.  There’s been some mild triggers but I am getting better at controlling them. Which is pretty good considering that next week is the 2 year anniversary of when he began his physical affair with Maria-the-whore.  So far I think I am ok with it. We’ll see how it goes… I might have to post in between now and election day about how I cracked up.  Honestly though, I thank God, everyday for the job that I have.  That it gives me an outlet to be away from Green, my kids… my role as a betrayed wife. In my political work I am well respected and well received. At least there, among those crazy candidates, I am still the strong, intelligent and capable person I used to be.  As crazy as it sounds its a good outlet to let loose some frustrations!

So take care my friends and if you have an election in your area… PLEASE VOTE.  I don’t care who you vote for (well, ok, I do kinda care…) but I really encourage you to participate in the civic process!  It truly DOES matter.

Until then I’m Gone Till November.

Ps… unlike the person in the song I am not in JAIL! But I love this song.


His Anchor

24 Sep

amelia tiffany box 09-2013So I survived turning 40! Hooray!  Green was at his best being accommodating and patient.   I did manage to sneak in a deep tissue massage and we went out for Chinese noodles for dinner (required for a long life! I’m told), strawberry filled doughnuts (I don’t like cake), cards sweetly drawn by Ditto and Dot and a simple, thoughtful gift from Green.  Held here by my youngest daughter, Dot, who was in love with the wrapping and pretty blue Tiffany box that I eagerly anticipated opening.

Inside was this pretty Tiffany Twist anchor charm and bracelet.  I love it – simple and meaningful.  You see for us it follows a theme – earlier in the summer for our anniversary he’d given me a fancy beach themed tote that had anchor detailing on it as tiffany charm bracelet anchorwell.   More than that we both have an affinity for pirates and boats since he’d been the editor for his Maritime Journal in Law School during the time we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area – broke but deeply in love.   It was nice to know that he’d remembered those simple sweet days that seem so long ago sometimes.   With both gifts he’d said that to him the anchor symbolized how much I had done to keep our family together when he had failed us.  How strong I have been to anchor him towards helping him heal and becoming the good person he was before.

In the card Green gave me for my birthday he wrote,

“I love you.  Today and everyday and I want to make sure you understand and know that.  

I am giving you an anchor. 

It has been viewed by many as a symbol of new beginnings.  When a ship sets sail it draws in its anchor and shows to the world that it is setting off for a new voyage.

I want to begin a new voyage with you.  

As long as you and I are together, with our family, we have all we need to have an amazing adventure.

Love, Green”

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