2 years & Smartmouth survives

25 Oct

Today’s G-chat between Green and me.

Green – “I fucking hate Dave. He is so annoying!”

(Dave is Green’s new co-worker. A colleague not an assistant but someone who offices with as he did with Maria-the-Whore.)

Flaca – “I kind of like him. Dave sounds annoyingly fun.”

Green – “Why???? He’s an idiot savant, I think. He doesn’t edit himself, he’s aggressive and he eats like a pig. ”

Flaca – “Why don’t you tell him that? I bet he doesn’t care,”

I paused because I knew my next comment was going to be rude but oh so funny to me…So I let it go, I say,

“I think karma put Dave in your life as revenge for fucking your coworker! Try fucking Dave!”

His response take a few minutes…Rottenecards_93302647_vwd9mgdbqs

Green, “I guess I am due for some punishment.”

Two years ago today Green went out with “friends” after me the cool wife said “Sure, have fun. Be safe!!”  He then failed to come home, rented a cheap dirty ass motel room and fucked Maria the whore.  He came home with a hickey.

FUCK HIM. I don’t care if he get’s mad. Or hurt.

Tomorrow we’re running a 5k with the kids, one of those silly theme Bubble Runs.  It should be fun.  When I booked it I did it to distract myself from this weeks triggers.  Ugh.  Maybe I’ll be nice to him tomorrow at the run.   I can be a smart ass sometimes, right???

2 Responses to “2 years & Smartmouth survives”

  1. tryinghard October 28, 2013 at 7:13 am #

    I too have a very irreverent mouth! Ok so maybe we shouldn’t capitalize with so many digs but JEESH sometimes it’s just too good to pass up!! Yeah I would say “Dave” is Greens Karma dog:) Love your blog and the unique sense of humor.

    • Flaca November 20, 2013 at 8:37 am #

      thanks! i’m glad you enjoy it.
      if i didn’t laugh about the stupidity of it i think i would CRACK up!

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