My pretty eggs

9 May

I am very proud mama.  I am so proud of my ovmy pretty eggsaries!  Today my fertility doctor told me that I have the eggs and ovaries of a 25 year old – meaning that my ovulation and quality of eggs was very healthy.  Whoo hoo! Not to shabby for someone who has been told that conceiving at nearly 40 would be difficult with ‘elderly eggs.’  The doctor was pleasantly surprised that she would not be recommending any fertility drugs or treatments.  What a relief!  The biological clock loudly ticking in my brain has dulled a bit.  This baby thing might happen for me after-all… with or without Green.

What else did I find out?  Well the news was not so good for Green.  I found that Green has low quality sperm.  Huh.  Weird. We have two kids and miscarriage between us.  So we have gotten pregnant three times before.  Could he be going through something medical on his own? I don’t know.  Is being a cheating asshole a symptom of a bonafide medical issue?  His STD panel came back clean.  Lucky jerk.  Green will have to see a urologist now.  He may be the one on fertility meds.  I know its bad but I hope he’s scared.

During the affair I was so worried he would knock up his whore.  In fact, in a text he sent her, he talked about the pleasure he would get about getting her pregnant.  Vomit.  I mean, hell Green’s cheating is bad enough but a child?  I know other betrayed spouses out there are dealing with that issue.  I can’t even imagine.  They are stronger than me.  I would be petty… I probably would hate the innocent child.  That’s terrible, isn’t it?  I am not proud of writing that. It’s just the honest truth.  Infidelity certainly doesn’t make for pleasant discussions.

As part of our reconciliation I have told Green that he would eventually have to get a vasectomy.  He agreed.  When I asked him if he knew why he said, “You don’t want me to have kids with some other whore.”  Oh he knows me well.  Yes, I told him, that way if he does cheat again, we would divorce but there was no way my kids were going to have step-siblings with some whore for a step-mother.  Call it stupid and immature.  I don’t care I am entitled to my moments of petty immaturity.   If he cheats again or if we divorce I am not sharing my kids DNA with anyone.  Sure he could get a reversal but it would cost him money and PAIN.  Both of which would give me much satisfaction.


6 Responses to “My pretty eggs”

  1. huperecho: to rise above May 9, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    Congrats on your news!! You know we always say what we would do if……………………but then if happens and we end up doing it totally different! I can’t believe I stayed with my husband and can say that I am happier now then we ever were. I still have pain days but they are getting further and further apart. But ask me two years ago and I would have saId I would would have told him to take a long walk on a short pier and never had anything to do with him………hmmmmm and i here I sit 🙂

    • Flaca May 9, 2013 at 6:24 pm #

      You are so right! I surely never thought I would be reconciling my marriage with an unfaithful husband who left me for another woman & came back! Much less considering having another baby with him! And the world keeps turning. 😉

  2. DawnRaeMiller May 10, 2013 at 8:56 am #


  3. Jo Blow March 20, 2014 at 7:54 am #

    Im a man. Im was a cheating asshole too that got caught. Like ur mr. Green my panels have come back negative back to back in 6 months, im grateful for that. Like u my wife has had to put up with me and im grateful to her as well, we are trying to get past this amd im trying hard to treat her real nice and am genuinely repentant so im have been on my best behavior.
    All i can say is that there are 2 sides to why a marriage starts to fail. Its 50/50 a woman is just as much to blame. Im my case, i felt neglected as a husband. Look, its very simple, as men sex is our reward, not our fault its the way we are wired and anything a wife does to jeapardize this will only hurt his ego slowly kill your marriage. If he has a job reward him, if he buys u an expensive house and car reward him, if he fixes your washer, dryer and cuts your grass reward him. If he loves and cares for your children and helps tbem with homework reward him. If he is turned on by u, even if you have put on a little weight and going gray, reward him. If he buys grocery and cooks a meal every now and then reward him. If he pitches in to clean the house reward him. If he maintains your vehicles reward him. If he shops witb u and helps pick out nice clothes for u reward him. If he changes that lightbulb and fixes the leaky sink or toilet reward him. I dont mean to sound facicious, but u see the point. In short, if a wife stops rewarding her husband, it doesnt matter how dumb or ugly she is, someone else is going to reward him.

    And if wives are not prepared to reward a husband frequently in her marriage because she has a lot of hangups about initiating sex, body image, or whatever physical or mental issues u are struggling with, get help and resolve them even before u get married. In my case, if i wanted sex more than once a week, my wife called me a sex pig. If u women are not prepared to have sex ffequently to maintain your marriage, do us guys a favor, dont get married in the first place and just adopt a kid or get a pet.

    • Flaca April 11, 2014 at 5:57 pm #

      Oh Jo. Where do I start….

      I owe my husband kindness, love, affection, fidelity and respect. I gave him ALL of that and more. And yes we had plenty of sex. The day before we cheated, guess what we’d SEX and the day after he cheated, guess what, more SEX!

      Green cheated because he had a rough time at work and instead of being a MAN he decided to blame me for his errors. Oh and he also met an equally screwed up nut job called Maria who liked to ‘steal’ men because it made her feel good about her self. Gasoline met fire.

      Green’s reward to work and hold up his part of the marriage bargain is to be faithful and loving to ME, his wife.

      Guess what, I work. I clean. I didn’t ‘let myself go’ after having kids and I am not fat. I paid the bills while he was in law school. I treated him a like a prince – surfing lessons, tailgate football tickets, motorcycle lessons, etc, etc!

      Guess what else?! I work with a lot of HOT guys. Powerful men. That’s sexy as all hell. But did I cheat. Nope. While he was in law school I was actually on tour with a ROCK BAND for nearly 2 years and I didn’t cheat! You see, it’s really not that hard.

      It’s very easy.

      You love someone? Treat them well. Don’t cheat. Just love, be honest and be kind.

      I did not ask to get married. He asked me. He should have bought the pet, not me. And so should you. Like I told Green – perhaps you should never be married. I don’t think you ‘get it.’

      Your wife was NEVER at fault. Nothing she did drove you to cheat. You did it. If you were unhappy then say so… don’t take another woman to bed!

      Let me make it simple-
      1) She didn’t want sex?
      2) You wanted more.
      3) Did you tell her? In a loving way?
      4) Was she mean? Did she refuse? Did she know you would leave and/or cheat? If yes..
      5) Then you LEAVE and get a DIVORCE!
      6) And only THEN do you find someone else.

      You cheated, lied and deceived… now all of a sudden its her fault because she supposedly couldn’t keep up with your sexual needs? Sorry buddy you blew it not her. You’re an adult. Not a penis with legs. Accept the responsibility for your actions. You will feel better and so will your wife, trust me.

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