What Karma Looks Like!

23 Apr

karma dominoesWhat Karma Looks Like!

This made me smile. I know I’m not alone in waiting for these karmic dominoes to come crashing down on a certain someone… It’s not about revenge its about justice. How about you??? via What Karma Looks Like!.


5 Responses to “What Karma Looks Like!”

  1. bubsyd April 23, 2013 at 12:49 am #

    Reblogged this on Silver Linings and commented:
    Lol! Might email this to my H’s whore!

  2. Jolene April 28, 2013 at 11:16 am #

    My husband cheated on me with a woman ten years older than me, two years older than him. When the other woman exposed the affair that ended two years earlier, he ragged at me “go fuck someone else”. It really hurt me that he said this to me… I was really happy and in love with my husband when the other woman dropped the bomb, January 12, 2013. We had went on a family vacation over New Years, whereas I got the king with whirlpool jet room. Decorated with candles and champaign, I still wined and dined him after 13 years, and made passionate love to him. He told me how he loved me and what a naughty but good girl I was, and two weeks later he gets busted and tells me “go fuck someone else”. I was so angry. I though about who, and there was really nothing I wanted, but all I could think of was his cold words. I knew It was wrong to seek revenge, but he dared me, out of anger. Three weeks later I was sitting at the bar waiting for my target to stop in, and sure enough he had been at a family cook out and did. I had known this tall drink of water for ten plus years, knew he was a nice guy, and was very picky about woman, I knew he didn’t sleep around. As I did generally like him, I was in love with my husband and really wasn’t interested in him for anything other than being friendly, yet I knew he was a man and he was sexually attracted to me. He was my friend (not real close), he was 6ft 4, tall dark and good looking thirty five never marriage no children, no abusive history, and enjoyed being single, perfect. The moment he walked in I said I need to talk to you he followed to my car. I showed him the first e-mail that the other woman sent me and shared my husbands angry words. He said I cant believe he would do this to you, and said I should try to work it out. I said, yes I should.. In less than five minutes from the time I laid eyes on him, we were at his house. The sex was better than I though, he made love to me through the night (no was not love), and spooned me in between. I left around 4 am, and woke up my husband and informed him that I had fucked someone else, and if he was interested in seconds like he had given me it was no problem. My husband apparently did not believe me and had sex with me. Later, I told him every detail except who the person was. I normally am a very decent person that would never do such as thing, yet I didn’t even feel bad, still don’t. My husband asked my why I did this, and I said you told me to, he said well I did not think you would, I thought you loved me? I said, I do love you, just like you loved me… He questioned me wither the guy was married. I told him no, I would never do that to another wife or someone’s children, and explained he was ten years younger than him and had no emotional attachments, at all. He asked me multiple times if he was married, and if I performed oral sex. All nope.. As oral sex was not required, I told my husband I am a wife, I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to, even with the guy. LOL I went and seen him one more time just to make it more than a one night stand, and it was no good. Everywhere my husband went he asked, is that him? I finally told him later who it was. And he responded by telling me, he is really a nice guy, and that he was extremely good looking. I said I know.. and you affaired down and I affaired up, and it was the only way for you to understand what I feel in quick time. It was about many things to include: revenge, a dare, showing him up, taste of hurt, seeing if I still had it, and many other messed up dynamics. However, it really wasn’t the same, I told him. Oh yes, they say the husband is always concerned about how big the other guy is, and I did tell him the truth, as he has stole my ego by affairing down, I took his ego with the truth. I know they say not to do this, but he refused to come clean with me, and was being a jerk so, I told him, a woman’s sexual desire is 4 times that of a man, her intelligents 8 time, and her vengeance 16 times. Along with many other things I have done to repay him, I am starting to now feel even. KARMA??? My husband said that when he started his affair, he thought I would never find out, and if I did it wouldn’t be as hard on me or him, as it has been. Surprise.. I really don’t think he’ll ever consider cheating again, I can tell.. And I really never had a interest.

    • Flaca April 28, 2013 at 10:41 pm #

      Not gonna lie but you lived my fantasy. I tried online dating after I threw my husband out and we’d separated… It was not good. I was too grossed out by all men to want to date any of them and much less get revenge sex. Sometimes I wish I had – I could have used the boost to my self esteem. This affair has made me feel very ugly and old.


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